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All Sections Standings include Tie-Break, however, Cash prizes are divided among the winners. See USCF Official Rules of Chess, section 32 for details on how cash prizes are calculated.


Pairings are not posted to the Internet for this tournament. Small tournaments (under 100 players) are printed and posted locally at the tournament site. Pre-tournament pairings are subject to change before the start of round 1.


USCF Crosstables with Updated Ratings

Prize List: Open

Name Cash Prize credited to pool
Alex Beecher (4.0/1750)$240.00Place: 1$240
Luis Peralta (3.5/1816)$120.00Place: 2$120
Pedro Gudino (3.0/1813)$60.00Class: A/1 2$60
Owen Zhang (3.0/1418)$60.00Class: C/1$60
Ayden Huang (3.0/1601)$50.00Place: 3$60
Sadkrith Malladi (3.0/1628)$50.00Class: B/1,2$60,30
Martin Franek (3.0/1700)$50.00
Bill Smythe (2.5/1831)$30.00Class: A/2$30
Kevin Li (2.5/1465)$7.50Class: C/2$30
Jason Kolberg (2.5/1204)$7.50
Aaron Cho (2.5/1474)$7.50
Len Brown (2.5/1378)$7.50

Individual Upset: Open

Name Points Victim Award
Harshal Joshi (1196)456.0(1652)$25.00

Prize List: Reserve

Name Cash Prize credited to pool
Advait Patel (3.5/731)$90.00Place: 1$90
Maurya Chandra (3.0/756)$50.00Class: F/1 2$60
Ben Bedell (3.0/0)$50.00Class: F/2$30
Donald Egan (3.0/1304)$50.00Place: 2$60

Individual Upset: Reserve

NamePointsVictim Award
Maurya Chandra (756)548.0(1304)$25.00

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Schedule - G80/5d

Rounds: 9:00am, 12 Noon, 2:45pm, 5:30pm

Sets, Boards and Clocks will be provided. In case of dispute, organizer provided equipment must be used.

History of Tournament Results

Year Results
2018 Alex Beecher (4-0)
2017 Hersh Singh (4-0)
2016 Daniel Garrett (3.5-0.5)
2015 Nick Petersen (4-0)
2014 Jason Danields, Scott Schmidt (3.5-0.5)
2013 Pete Karagianis, Tam Nguyen (3.5-0.5)
2012 Nikhil Kunche (4-0)
2011 Nikhil Kunche (4-0)
2010 Nikhil Kunche (4-0)
2009 Bill Naff, David Long, Mike Leali (3.5-0.5)
2008 Wayne Zimmerle, George Ruan (3.5-0.5)
2007 David Long (4-0)
2006 Mike Leali, Trevor Magness (3.5-0.5)
2005 Mike Leali, Jason Chien (3.5-0.5)
2004 David Long (4-0)
2003 Alek Stamnov (4-0)
2002 Pete Karagianis (3.5-0.5)
2001 Raheem Ali, Joshua Flores (3.5-0.5)
2000 Kyle Miles (4-0)
1999 Stan Ilic (4-0)
1998 Dennis Bourgerie, Arnor Bieltvedt (3.5-0.5)
1997 Phil Anderson (3.5-0.5)
1996 Doug Van Buskirk, Bill Naff (3.5-0.5)
1995 Doug Van Buskirk (4-0)
1994 David Mote (4-0)
1993 Tommy Craggs (4-0)
1992 Bill Colias (4-0)
1991-1965 USCF doesn't have records of the BSO Cross Tables for 1991 or before
1964 David Taylor (4-0) (Our first winner is well documented)
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